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3 Things Buyers Look For In A New Brand

3 Things Buyers Look For In A New Brand

Have you ever wondered why your customers choose your products over the closest competitor? According to research done by The Rain Group customers tend to buy from sellers who are superlative at the following tasks:

Change from Social to Emotional Conversation

Most Businesses think social media can influence or change the way customers think. The main point is for businesses to learn to use social media the way a customer wants to use them, not in the favour of businesses. So when consumers are faced with endless choices through social media engagements and recommendations, how do they make their decisions? Sellers need to appeal to their buyer wants and needs. The simple answer is emotion. Studies have shown that a large number of decision humans make are based on how they feel, sellers can capitalize by communicating a feeling and removing emphasis on the cold hard facts. You need to appeal to the human, not the buyer.

Brand Name

The brand name is a huge part of starting a business, the brand name is not about brand equity. The way your brand name sounds and the images it evokes influences purchase decisions. That’s why coming up with good, catchy company names is an important task when launching a brand or product. Selecting a name for your business is as important as selecting the location or choosing what type of product.

Building Positive Content

It’s no secret, the classic rule “If it bleeds, it leads” rule works for mass media that just want you to tune in, check their products, they want your eyeballs and don’t care how you’re feeling. But when you share a story with your friends and peers, you care a lot more how they react. You don’t want them to think of you as a Debbie Downer." As a business owner, you could benefit immensely from highlighting positive news, success stories, or advancements related to your business/industry.